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Leading by Listening

I am from a family with a long history in the city. Each generation of my family has been deeply involved in public service. I also want to serve and was honored in January 2012 to be selected as the City Council representative for District 3.

I have two children – one a graduate from Southwestern University and the other a sixth grader at Providence. I graduated from UT-Austin, took graduate classes at Texas A&M, built and sold a software company in Washington, DC and now work on securing our national digital infrastructure for a defense contractor. I am a proud South Side homeowner with a stable family life that includes multiple generations of San Antonians.

I support investing in drainage, roads and sidewalks, so our South Side neighborhoods can thrive. This also means having libraries, community centers and parks with programs for learning, exercising and enjoying cultural activities. These investments, valued at $47 million, are what our community needs to support property values and boost public safety. At the same time, I believe in protecting the interests of taxpayers by cutting down on wasteful spending.

Over the past year, I have spent several hours each day listening to community members and focusing on better roads, sidewalks and drainage. I also have improved public safety and economic activity on Roosevelt Avenue and South Presa, as well as in other areas. In addition, I have organized community field trips for neighbors, started efforts to revitalize part of Six Mile Creek, supported the opening of six new playgrounds in District 3, expanded the oldest Little League facility in the city, and worked to bring more than 400 manufacturing jobs to the community and $100 million in private investment to the South Side.

I am also leading the expansion of the San Antonio Area Broadband Network to bring Internet and other high-tech resources to community institutions, such as Texas A&M-San Antonio, at very little cost. Plus, I am pushing for a telecommunications license that would let city groups and school districts save about $1 million a year per network.

I appreciate your attention and support. It means that we can make a difference in District 3. Please, reach out to my campaign for a yard sign, volunteer to block walk and cast your vote for me in the upcoming City Council election. Thank you!